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The Tosakin goldfish, also known as the Curlytail goldfish, is a true beauty. It is among the most difficult to raise. TThis type should be kept and bred bv experienced goldfish fanciers. The, caudal finnage is the unique part of this type. The inner edges of the caudal fins are webbed together; the outer lobes turn upward and twist slightly towards the head. The dorsal fin usually curls over the back of the body. All the other fins should be double and relatively short. This type of goldfish is meant to be viewed from above. They should be raised in shallow containers with no more than 2 or 3 inches of water over the height of the body. While all these curlytail type of goldfish are referred to as Tosakin, most do not have headgrowth. However, Tosakin Orandas and Telescope Tosakins are produced. These are difficult to produce due to the balance problems from the added weight on the head. However, they are very unique and beautiful goldfish.

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