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Ryukin Goldfish


China, Japan


Total length is 6 to 8 inches (15 to 20 cm)


Average lifespan of fish is 20 years

Physical Description

The Ryukin looks like a cross between a submarine-like and a softball. It has a high dorsal fin and has a pair of anal, ventral and pectoral fins. Their caudal fin are long finned, short tailed, ribbon or butterfly. The most distinguishing characteristic is a hump like growth behind its head. It is believed that the higher that hump, the more valuable the fish. It is recommended for beginners.

Color Varieties of Ryukin

They occur in red, red and white, pure white, greenish, blue, calico and chocolate brown.


Given their size, Ryukin require large fish tanks of at least 30-gallon capacity. They also love ponds. You can put them with othergoldfish like Orandas, Lionheads and Ranchu. You can use gravel as substrate in aquarium tank. Decorate aquarium with cold watery plants.


The Ryukin Goldfish can be kept at temperatures close to freezing. Their hardiness and ability to live at colder temperatures makes them ideal for outdoor ponds. You can maintain temperature as 65 to 75 degrees F (18 -23 degrees C).

Water Condition

You have to maintain water condition in the tank as pH as 6.5 to 7.5 and dH as 4 to 20. You have to fill fresh cold water in the tank.

Moving Level in Water

Ryukin can swim in middle levels of the water.


Do not feed your Ryukin Goldfish floating flakes and pellets. Allpellets and flakes should be soaked before they are fed. You can also include shrimp, bloodworms, daphnia and vegetables like soaked spirulina flakes, zucchini, lettuce and peas in their diet. You have to feed food which has 30 percent protein.


It has capacity to produce 1000 eggs from one breeding.

Selecting a good Ryukin

1. Do not pick one that is floating or head standing, as this is a sign of an advanced stage of swim bladder problems. This fish is a strong swimmer and you should be able to see it push the water aside while swimming.

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