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Common Goldfish

Other Common Name:

Gold Crap (in Far East),Hibuna (in Japan) Feeders fish ( pet stores )




Total length of the body is 12 to 14 inches (36 to 42 cm) , Body length is 3 inches (7.5 cm) , Depth of body varies between 3/7th to 3/8th of the body length.


It lives between 15 to 20 years

Physical Description

Common Goldfish body is slender shape with short single tail. It has single dorsal, caudal and anal fins. This fish has pairs of pe lvic and pectoral fins. Common Goldfish is wild-type in nature so it is very difficult to differentiate from other fish. The young one looks very dark within one to two years it develops a ornamental red or orange color. This Goldfish is commonly found in UK and USA.

Color Varieties of Common Goldfish

This fish varies in color like red, orange, blue, brown or black and even a combination of these colors. It also varies in pattern withmetal or sliver color extending to their fins.


IYou can make your Common Goldfish swim comfortably in a tank with 30 to 40 gallon of water. This fish is mostly kept in ponds so, we need to provide more space in the aquarium.

t is a simple fish and it is very easy to maintain. So this Common Goldfish is fit to be the first beginner's fish. We should keep this Goldfish in a cold water aquarium. You can decorate your aquarium with rocks, gravels and hearty plants. It likes to eat plant roots. Therefore, you should provide hard rock for the plant base to protect plants.


Temperature varies from 65 - 72 degrees F (18 - 22 degrees C). We have to maintain a natural lighting effect. Water Quality Conditions are issues that need to be taken seriously. It is necessary to check PHand amonia and Nitrite,nitrate levels to maintain a proper balance for you fish. When putting water into your tank you must remember to dechlorinate it. I recommend using Kordon's Aquarium NovAqua or Kordon's

Aquarium AmQuel. They remove Ammonia and Toxic Metals and Chlorine. This is a necessary step in keeping an aquarium. Check the pet store for more information regarding the use of these items.

Kordon AmQuel Eliminate the toxins in the water that can be harmful to your fish.

Kordon AmQuel Plus Removes nitrate, nitrite ammonia, chlorine and chloramines from fresh or saltwater, without interfering with the biological cycle.

Kordon NovAqua Forms a protective coating to reduce fish stress and neutralize toxins.

Pond AmQuel Instant water detoxifier removes ammonia, chloramines, chlorine and toxic pheromones. Treats 960 US gallons of fresh or salt water.

The amounts of food you feed should be adjusted according to the temperature or the season.


This is wild-type in nature and it will breed true to its type. So this is very easy to breed for beginners.

Selecting a good Common Goldfish

Please consider the below mentioned points while selecting a new Common Goldfish. 1. The body of the fish should be strong, hard with a smooth outline

2. The caudal fin should be short and the width of the fin should
not spread more than 5/4th of the body depth.
3. Length of lobes should be slightly rounded with its ends and
1/3rd of the body length


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