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Jikin Goldfish

Other Common Name:

Peacock-tail Goldfish




Total size of the fish is 9 inches (25 cm).


Average lifespan is 15 years.

Physical Description

The Jikin is one of the most beautiful varieties of goldfish. Its extreme beauty sets it apart from other fish. It has a slightly shorter body than Common Goldfish and a divided tail which is scattered outwards. Except dorsal fin, all other fins are paired.Spectacular caudal fin which when viewed from the back looks like it has four parts.Nowadays Jikin has become a rare species.

Color Varieties ofJikin

The Jikin is red and white( with red only in certain areas) or calico in color. Breeders try to achieve an all-white Jikin with redfins, red gills and red lips. This, however, is very difficult to come by.


IWe can keep this fish very comfortable in ponds only, as this fish needs natural circumstances. This fish can adopt to natural heat, light as Sunlight and algae make the red marking bright. You can keep them in an indoor tank, but they will not grow to their full potential, never reaching their usual 9-inch length. And it is not good for the long life of the fish.

Moving Level in Water:

This fish can swim in all levels.


Jikins Goldfish loves to eat all source of food. You can feed your fish with vegetable pellets or flakes.


IJikin is very difficult to breed.

Selecting a good Jikin

1. Good quality Jikin's caudal fins should be well divided completely.
2. All fins should be red in color and lack of red color shows some fault in the fish.

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